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Differences in Leather

To the layman’s eyes, leather seems to be uniform in character, however this is far from the truth as leather can vary greatly in look & feel, quality and performance. Choosing the right leather requires a certain understanding of the different characteristics of each leather type, which is influenced through its production process, starting by the quality of the raw hide. This determines into what article the leather will be made during it’s finishing stage.

Aniline is the most natural, soft and authentic type of leather and thus regarded as of the highest quality. Aniline leather can only be made from the best raw hides at the beginning of the production process. Aniline leather shows the true characteristics of leather such as scars, scratches, insect bites, fat wrinkles or growth marks. This type of leather has no top layer coating which allows the leather to breathe and thus ensures highest seating comfort. 

In contrast to full-aniline, semi-aniline leather is more suitable for applications where regular usage and exposure to direct sunlight play a factor. Semi-Aniline leather is the perfect blend of a more uniform look while still displaying the authentic characteristics of the leather although less obvious than of full aniline. The applied light pigment coating on semi-aniline leather ensures an even coloration without inhibiting the breathability of the hide.

Pigmented leather is most suitable for leather furniture with high use and high susceptibility for stains and blemishes. The applied layer of coloured pigments onto the surface provides with a uniform look with no natural markings of the hide. An additional protective topcoat is being applied over the pigment to ensure a better resilience to scuffing and fading as well as providing an excellent light resistance 

Corrected grain leather is for those who value the practicability of leather over the natural characteristics of leather. The natural grain of this leather tape is completely removed and covered with layers of pigment, protective lacquer, protective finish and finally embossed with an artificial grain to provide a uniform pattern. As a result, corrected grain leather compromises in softness and breathability. Although corrected grain leather requires the least amount of care, it also lacks the aesthetics and characteristics of natural leather.

Bovine leather

Browse through our bovine leather portfolio and get inspired by a large variety of Aniline, Semi-Aniline, Pigmented and Corrected Grain leather. 

Bovine Bombardier Leather
Oryx Regal Corra

Game Leather

A beautiful selection of Aniline game leather for those who appreciate the natural characteristics of Namibias magnificent large game antelopes.

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