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Sustainable Sourcing


What sets Nakara apart from other tanneries?

At the core of Nakara’s success lies a unique sourcing strategy. The raw material for our leather is obtained from the vast landscapes of Namibia, where the animals roam freely and are untainted by growth hormones. This organic and natural upbringing contributes significantly to the raw hide’s exceptional tensile strength, setting it apart from conventional leather in the market.

The free-roaming lifestyle of the Namibian cattle ensures they lead stress-free lives, which directly translates into a remarkable quality of leather. Free from the confines of crowded feedlots and artificial growth stimulants, the hides obtained are robust, durable, and possess unmatched flexibility, making them the perfect choice for our leather.

Moreover, our dedication to sustainable and ethical practices ensures that the sourcing process respects the delicate balance of the environment and the welfare of the animals involved. By embracing a harmonious relationship with nature, we not only produce top-tier leather but also contribute to preserving the precious ecosystem of Namibia.

Each of our leather is a testament to the timeless art of leathermaking, embodying the spirit of the untamed Namibian wilderness and the essence of true craftsmanship.

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